Advance AEC Autumn School 2022

Point to Print - Point Clouds as a design and fabrication medium

Point to Print – SFB Workshop

The subprojects SP3 (University of Innsbruck, and SP9 (TU Graz) of the SFB Advanced Computational Design will conduct a joint workshop at the Advance AEC Autumn School 2022 hosted by the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC | University of Stuttgart.

In the course of this workshop participants will be able to join the showcase of a production workflow containing: 1) generating 3D pointclouds from scanning, 2) encoding 3D pointclouds to 2D pixel images 3) manipulating 2D images via photoshop etc. 4) decoding 2D images into 3D targets for a 3D printer 5) materializing the designs via additive manufacturing methods for clay in situ.