BA Design Studio


TYPOLOGIES OF COLLABORATION – House of Transdisciplinarity

In the upcoming bachelor studio we will design a public building that promotes exchange between society, art and science, and gives an urban place to communication between disciplinary practices. To do this, we will develop new typologies and examine the different scales and aspects of architectural communication: from the urban context to the interior; from volume to material and its internal structure; from the visual to the tactile and kinesthetic experience.

VOLUMETRIC DESIGN – Exteriority/Interiority/Interstitiality

We will deal intensively with the question of outside, inside and in-between and understand architecture as a three-dimensional, volumetric method. Volumetric design describes a process that fully exploits the three-dimensional possibilities of digital methods. From scans of the environment, the integration of spatial climate data to volumetric sketching with 3D point clouds, we will consider different possibilities in joint workshops and apply them in design studies. As with X-ray vision, we can develop the interior and its structure simultaneously with the exterior formation. Decisions in the smallest detail can have repercussions on the whole and vice versa. Methods: After three playful collaborative studies and workshops on Volumetric Design, we will then dedicate ourselves to the individual projects, the House for Collaboration Art, Science and Society in Vienna. The program is developed individually by the students. The networking and communication of the building with the square in front of it and the Ringstrasse as a place for social expression of opinion will be just as much a focus as the design of a communicative inner landscape and an innovative concept of how exchange can be promoted through architectural design.