BA Design Studio

deep volumes - a house for an artist

E3 Bachelor Design Studio

In the studio, we will test new modes of volumetric notations and modelling strategies. While the representation of our world becomes more and more digital as well as 3-dimensional (3D scanning, VR/AR, etc.), we simultaneously gain a new understanding of our built environment. Construction sites, buildings, and infrastructures turn into collections of 3-dimensional data. What if those clouds of 3D data would not only serve as the representation of the static and transforming “real” but would also enrich conventional design processes by their ability to become volumetric modeling tools? The promise is an emerging workflow that creates a new balance between the 2-, 3- and 4-dimensional media for design and representation and increases the design space for open-ended discussions.

Students will develop individual proposals – a house for an artist – based on their explorations in the first semester.