University Garden

Timber Aggregation proudly announces that the timber structures for the University Garden by the Faculty of Teacher Education have been finished!

The University Garden on the Technology Campus Innsbruck enables students aiming to become teachers in the subject biology and environmental studies to have a specific educational opportunity for sustainable, applied and practical development. Scientifically based recommendations for schools, teacher training and interdisciplinary university teaching are derived from dealing with teaching and learning processes in the educational spaces of the garden established by the team of Professor Suzanne Kapellari.

In the spirit of sustainability, an interdisciplinary project was launched in 2019 with the Faculty of Architecture, | structure and design. Together with students, a design and construction system was developed using computational design methods and physical prototypes, which opens up multi-layered possibilities: The resulting facility can be used all year round and, as an open system, allows continuous adaptation or the integration of extended functionality. The construction system does justice to the principles of ecological construction by consisting almost exclusively of wood/wood-based materials and exploring the atmospheric, geometric and aesthetic potential of the natural building material. Due to the consistent digitization of the entire construction, it was possible for students to prefabricate components, to label them and to assemble them on the construction site without any previous knowledge of construction or the use of construction machines.