Public Installation

Memories of Memories

The installation was created as a commissioned work for the Landesmuseum Tirol and incorporates the photographic works of the artist and photographer Arno Gisinger and the layer of lexical entries by the curator Michaela Feurstein-Prasser. The work was designed by, fabricated in research-led seminars and finally set up in front of the Landesmuseum. The installation finds ways to produce a three-dimensional and lively engagement with history through architectural means: by experiencing scale relations, discovering surprising relationships that emerge through the superimposition of spaces, structures and contents, and activating our perception through the geometry of the network structure.

The volume of the installation is  based on the actual dimensions of the barrack architecture of the Camp Oradour, which no longer exists as such, but can be experienced abstractly as a three-dimensional translation. The dimensions of the barracks are placed in the urban context and realized as a complex network structure. This installative concept allows the structure to be not only a carrier for the works or the documentary level, but makes it a component of the content mediation.

The installation is part of the project Memories of Memories, that reflects the power of memories, collective as well as individual. The focus is on the Oradour camp in Schwaz and its history from National Socialism and war to the immediate present. What has remained of it? Because a history of memory is always a history of forgetting, „Memories of Memories“ also searches for what seems to be lost and questions the attempt to make the forgotten or suppressed visible again.

„Memories of Memories“ is a cooperative project of the Tyrolean Provincial Museums with numerous cultural institutions in Schwaz (Klangspuren, Rabalderhaus, Museum der Völker, Kunstraum Schwaz, Toni-Knapp-Haus, Stadtarchiv Schwaz) as well as the Institute for Design, – Construction and Design of the University of Innsbruck, the Tyrolean Provincial Theater and the Klocker Museum Hall. Together we have developed a diverse program of exhibitions and concerts, readings and talks, guided tours and performances.

Students: Constanze Braun, Simon Comploi, Gamze Dogan, Daniel El Ghazai, Jakob Embacher, Anxhela Ereqi, Larissa Gabrielli, Emma Gänzer, Luitpold Hertel, Jan Hofer, Patrick Huber, Chiara Hummel, Florian Juen, Alexander Kainz, Peter Kammerlander, Jonas Klett, Arne Knoll, Daniel Kröss, Drenusha Lokaj, Sophia Mair, Martin Mangold, Annegret Markart, Seyyed Mohammed Musavi, Johannes Neulichedl, Himanshu Nirankari, Frederik Nützel, Harun Özmen, Laurent Pfeiffer, Lukas Plibersek, Maria Protsan, Jennifer Purrer, Lisa Scharrer, Max Schmidt, Timon Schrutka, Gizem Sentürk, Lena Steinig, Maximiliam Trojer, Julian Weirather, Adrian Weiss, Maximilian Wößner, Kwong Yung.

Student Assistants: Wilhelm Konstantin Schlenz, Francisco Javier Praxmarer

Supported by the workshop of the Faculty of Architecture


Arge Baustahl Eisen Blasy-Neptun GmbH

Bellutti GmbH

Extrudr/FD3D GmbH