Guest Lecture by Gilles Retsin


DI 25.06.2024, 17.15 GROSSER HÖRSAAL

Gilles Retsin is Co-Founder, CTO, and Chief Architect of Automated Architecture (AUAR). He is an Architect and Thought Leader, driven by the Desire to rewire the way we design and build. With AUAR, he is building a global ecosystem of automated micro-factories to deliver sustainable, affordable and beautiful architecture to millions of people. Gilles’ work has been internationally recognised through exhibitions at institutions such as the Museum Of Art And Design in New York, the Royal Academy or the Centre Pompidou. He is an associate professor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. He has studied, lived and worked in Belgium, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the UK and obtained a PhD from RMIT in Australia.

In this talk, london-based architect and tech-entrepreneur Gilles Retsin will present his architectural vision for the technology company auar ltd (automated architecture), and the journey that preceded it. gilles’ architectural work with auar is framed as an alternative route for the digital in architecture, based on a proposition for automation as the digital distribution of discrete parts – parts that precede buildings. This talk will address a range of questions, always framed as consequences of the distribution of parts: from technical logics, to architectural qualities and socio-economic impact. The work argues that architecture should reconcile itself with automation to address both its own increasingly precarious position as a profession, the imminent climate emergency and global housing crisis.