LFUI Guest Professorship 2021

Shajay Bhooshan

We are proud to announce that Shajay Bhooshan will hold a LFUI Guest Professorship during summer term 2021 at i.sd_structure and design. He is a collaborator on the Special Research Project Computational Immediacy (led by Stefan Rutzinger and Kristina Schinegger) and will contribute his profound knowledge in generative design and its application in architectural practice to the SFB.

Shajay is the co-founder of the research group Zaha Hadid Computation and Design (CODE) group. He also works as a studio master at the Design Research Laboratory Master’s program at the Architectural Association (AA), London and as a researcher at ETH Zurich (Philippe Block Research Group). He has been a regular guest lecturer at i.sd_structure and design.