MA thesis position at

Job opportunity in research project announces two open positions for MA students at UIBK who want to conduct their master thesis project within the research framework of the SFB subproject „Computational Immediacy“.

Interested candidates should contact the office and send their portfolios via mail.

Job Requirements: Students must be enrolled in the architecture program (Master) at the University of Innsbruck. Excellent skills in architectural design and aesthetics, advanced knowledge in the use of computational tools (e.g. Rhino, Grasshopper, Houdini or similar) are required. Strong interest in designing and working as part of a research team. Employment: 20 hours per week within the research project for 6 months, starting in March 2023.

Responsibilities: guided supportive work within the project as well as on the MA thesis. Students are expected to be able to devote full time to completing their degree.

image credit: Tilmann Fabini, student work