Guest lecturer Manuel Kretzer

The 2020/21 lecture series on Material and Technology by our guest lecturer Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer covers a number of topics ranging from Computational Design, 3D Printing, Biofabrication, Bioplastics to Smart Materials. Each lecture is roughly one hour long and can be watched on the materiability youtube channel:


00_ Introduction


gives an insight into current global tendencies and developments, speaks about how architecture, design and especially smart technologies, biomaterials and diy could provide novel solutions, displays practical and hypothetical research and student projects dealing with sustainability, ecology, adaptation, responsiveness, autonomous driving and digital fabrication, and argues why it is utterly important to follow an optimistic approach towards change and our role and responsibility as the creative community to act and develop Tomorrowland the way we want it to be.

02_Das Digitale Ornament: High Resolution Design through Computation

speaks about the role of the ornament for design and architecture and its reemergence as an element for design driven by today‘s digital design and fabrication technologies. Starting with an overview on the history and evolution of design and architecture and how different styles have changed throughout the course of time, it continues with a vast selection of contemporary projects of which detail and ornamentation – enabled through novel computational methods – play an elementary role.

03_ Patterns in Nature – Form and Inspiration from the Biological World

introduces the concept of pattern creation in natural organisms. Describing various different types of patterns, their emergence and natural occurrence the lecture provides mathematical examples on how they can be modelled (including references to Grasshopper Scripts and Plugins) and showcases numerous design and architecture projects, which use organic patterns to create formal complexity.

04_Printing Dynamics: From 3D Printing to 4D Printing

explains the history of 3D printing, the prospective development of the technology, provides an overview of the most common 3D printing techniques, and speaks about a number of disruptive novelties this technology might bring to the domains of architecture and design.

05_Biofabrication – design with living organisms

provides insights into current research and exploration of employing biological materials in a design and architecture context for a moresustainable future. Divided into the categories moss, algae, roots, mycelium, bacteria and insects it showcases a selection of inspiring and novel ideas and projects.


After describing different types of traditional plastic materials and highlighting their devastating impact on nature and the planet‘secosystem this lecture introduces the advantages of bioplastics. Describing their history, structure, and different types it explains

how they can be self-produced, showcases a number of experimental studies and closes with a range of applications and use scenarios.

07_ Smart Materials for Architecture and Design

introduces the domain of smart material technologies and their potential for the creation of adaptive / responive design solutions. Split into the categories Shape Changing Materials, Lightemitting Materials and Colorchanging Materials each section provides an overview of various related technologies, which are explained in detail. A number of practical applications and research projects conclude each category.