Memories of Memories

Exhibition Catalogue

The book „Memories of Memories“ accompanying the exhibition presents contributions on the history of the Oradour camp and the culture of remembrance in Austria and France. New works by Arno Gisinger and Christine Ljubanovic have been created for this purpose and extensive picture sections are dedicated to them. In addition to a selection of his own photographic works, Arno Gisinger presents a photo essay with previously unknown photos by Gaston Paris, who portrayed the Oradour camp during the occupation.

The exhibition project is a cooperation between the Tyrolean Regional Museums and numerous cultural institutions in Schwaz.

With text contributions by Michaela Feurstein-Prasser, Arno Gisinger, Karin Pernegger, Horst Schreiber, Roland Sila, Monika Sommer and others.



Students: Constanze Braun, Simon Comploi, Daniel El Ghazai, Jakob Embacher, Anxhela Ereqi, Larissa Gabrielli, Emma Gänzer, Anne Gerritsen, Luitpold Hertel, Jan Hofer, Patrick Huber, Chiara Hummel, Florian Juen, Alexander Kainz, Jonas Klett, Arne Knoll, Daniel Kräss, Drenusha Lokaj, Sophia Mair, Martin Mangold, Seyyed Mohammed Musavi, Johannes Neulichedl, Himanshu Nirankari, Frederik Nützel, Harun Özmen, Laurent Pfeiffer, Martin Pomberger, Jennifer Purrer, Lisa Scharrer, Max Schmidt, Lilly Schneider, Timon Schrutka, Gizem Sentürk, Maximilian Trojer, Julian Weirather, Adrian Weiss, Maximilian Wößner, Kwong Yung


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