Methods of Materialization

Felt Acoustics

The seminar Methods of Materialization is aimed at students of the Bachelor’s degree in the third semester. Strategies of model building and materialization in various scales up to 1: 1 prototypes are conveyed with a focus on computer-controlled manufacturing processes. The students acquire theoretical and application-oriented knowledge in methods of computer-based design, construction, materialization and implementation. They are able to recognize their interactions, evaluate them and influence them in a reflective manner through design methods. During the semester, the students developed individual designs for an acoustic felt ceiling and produced them using digital simulation and production tools.

Students: Daniela Albrecht, Larissa Gabrielli, Melanie Gmeiner, Florian Juan, Isabella Köll, Olivia Krasnicki, Stefanie Küng, Andreas Leiter, Martin Mangold, Lea Scholz