Senior Scientist / Dr. Techn. Dipl.-Ing.

Rupert Maleczek is architect, researcher and digital consultant, currently working as Senior Scientist at In his research, he explores the relationship between form, structure, performance, materiality and digital as well as physical production. The aim is to understand complex relations and enhance control over them through controlled simplification. This process, also known as simplexity enables an unpretentious access to complex processes for non-specialists. As an expert in structural origami, he investigates together with the transdisciplinary informal research group, the potentials of origami principles for other disciplines as e.g. architecture, engineering, design, fabrication or aviation. This approach leads to numerous large-scale demonstrators, with students or professional companies. He is leading the cross-disciplinary research project “Fold to Bend” that investigates the relation of computational design, wood construction, thin plate material, digital fabrication and structural origami. In the research project “foɐm” he investigates the realization of complex geometries with the manipulation of cores from sandwich-panels.
Besides his academic career, he is involved in competitions and geometry consulting for diverse building projects. Especially digital and parametric strategies related to optimization and fabrication in manifold forms is his field of consulting. Rupert has presented his research and conducted numerous workshops, for example at the Shape to Fabrication Conference, at the AA-Summer School in Ivrea, the 6OSME conference, the Advanced architectural geometry conference, at the Design Modelling Symposium in Berlin or even the MIT in Boston.