Stephan Antholzer

PhD Position / DI

Stephan Antholzer received his MSc degree in mathematics in 2017 for his work on compressed sensing in time of flight 3D imaging. Since then he is a PhD student at the Department of Mathematics, University of Innsbruck (Applied Mathematics Group led by Prof. Markus Haltmeier). His current research interests include machine learning in inverse problems, compressed sensing and photoacoustic tomograph. He also has a research position in the interdisciplinary SFB „Advanced Computational Design“ by the University of Innsbruck, TU Graz and TU Vienna (lead). The subproject “Computational Immediacy” is conducted at by a team of designers, architects and mathematicians led by Kristina Schinegger and Stefan Rutzinger together with Tobias Hell from the Department of Mathematics. The aim is to establish a method for concept modeling based on retrieval of implicit design criteria embedded in 2D images and 3D objects by transfer learning. Stephan is also a lecturer at the University Course Data Science.