Viktoria Sandor

Senior Lecturer / PhD  Position (SFB), Mag.arch.

Viki Sandor is a senior lecturer at and has a PhD position in the Special Research Program „Advanced Computational Design“, subproject „Computational Immediacy“.Viki holds a Magister degree in architecture from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She has been working as an architect and researcher in academic as well as professional environments, lately at the Atelier Olafur Eliasson. Viki has a strong interest in the investigation of new trends in technology and their potential applications in architecture and urban design. She has worked on the EVA (Evaluation of Visionary Architectural concepts) research project, together with the Energy Design Department of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and conducted her own research on temporary spaces and UAVs in urban environments with the support of the COLLMOT (complex structure and dynamics of collective motion) team. Her master thesis ‘The Permanently Temporary’  was one of the 28 shortlisted projects of the Young Talent Architecture Award and also was the winning project of the Superscape18 Innovation Prize.