exhibition of PhD research

Insights into the research landscape of the Faculty of Architecture

The exhibition „Potenziale“ is an overview of the PhD research conducted at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Innsbruck. It showcases over 70 research projects by PhD students and shows its influence on the multi-layered and transdisciplinary research landscape of the Faculty.

The curatorial concept by Stefan Rutzinger, Thomas Feuerstein and Arno Ritter (AUT) fans out the research spectrum of the faculty along discursive spaces on several levels in the Adambräu. By grouping the works, thematic focal points and references can be experienced by the visitor. Each contribution has developed a form of presentation specifically for the exhibition so that visitors can experience the research work directly and in some cases interactively. The formats range from spatial installations, a walk-in artificial landscape, immersive spaces, a salon for discussions, to collections of artifacts and models. The result is a research landscape structured according to focal points, which makes it possible to delve deeper into individual works and at the same time to give an overview of where architectural research and design production are currently developing.

i.sd is contributing two installations to the Potenziale 3 by Mathias Stigsen Bank, Viki Sandor, Alexandra Moisi and Nicolas Stephan.

mathias bank, PhD: „Auto-complete Architecture“

viktoria sandor, PhD: „Volumetric 3D Point Clouds: a new form of notation“

alexandra moisi, PhD: „Hosting Spaces“

nicolas stephan, PhD: „Architectural Interfaces“