Research Cooperation

Augmented Objects

Augmented Realms compiles a series of investigations and installations that explore the possibilities of AR in the design process and the extended modes of communication and interaction with architecture. In a first step, three spatial installations were implemented according to the concepts of students in the Museum Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck for the exhibition „Forgetting. Fragments of Remembrance“ curated by Roland Sila (Ferdinandeum) and funded by the Tyrolian State Museum Ferdinandeum.

The Installation monuMental lets the viewer accumulate his own personal monument of forgotten everyday objects. The work deals with the importance of analog objects that have been displaced from our everyday lives by digitization. It gives the viewer the opportunity to interact with these lost objects in an augmented reality environment, to collect, move and arrange them. In a playful way, the objects offered add up to a new, constantly changing monument. (Charlotte Thorn and Jonas Maria Mertens)

Through our everyday actions and actions, we are constantly leaving traces – digital as well as analog. As permanent and permanent as they sometimes seem to us, they are finite, change over time and tend to disappear according to our perception. The Installation teardrop thematizes this ambivalence and invites the visitor to generate ephemeral and at the same time permanent digital traces through his presence and to playfully experiment with them. (students: Oliver Thomas Hamedinger, Jonas Rosenfelder und Lorenz Paul Foth)

Portal of Remembrance plays with the simultaneity and delimitation of real and virtual spaces. Repeated digital actions by visitors create an encrypted, constantly changing choreography for outside observers. (Victor Engelhard Suarez und Manuel Rosenauer)

Students: Oliver Thomas Hamedinger, Jonas Rosenfelder, Lorenz Paul Foth, Charlobe Thorn, Jonas Maria Mertens, Victor Engelhard Suarez, Manuel Rosenauer