Research Prototype

Reticular Tower

In the first year courses at i.sd_structure and design at University of Innsbruck we are aiming at educating students in „designerly ways of thinking“, and this is – in our understanding – open-ended: design means to explore a design intent rather than finding a „solution“ that affirms pre-set assumptions. Students evolve a design system (based on components that allow self-regulated assembly) and explore its potentials, thereby the system can be altered and modified during the process. Finally the prototype was assembled in the main hall of the faculty.



Eugen Hallhuber, Salli Marita Nokelainen, Samir Julien Rafili, Isabella Jeannine Raichle, Lukas Rangger, Monika Raschle, Thomas Simon Reichhardt, Hannah Maria Reichmann, Leon Rodi, Anna-Maria Rödig, Fabiana Maria Ropplet, Thomas Rothschopf, Moritz Salzer, Leonhard Maximilian Schedel, Paulina Schennach, Daniel Karl-Josef Schmiedt, Victor Alexander Schmitter, Maximilian Harald Schönfeld, Julia Schwab, Elisabeth Christine Schweigmann, Anna Seiwald