Lecture Series

Structure and Digital Design

The course will give an overview to latest developments in digital design and its precedents and discuss the shift in the discourse from geometry-driven („first digital turn“) to data-based design („second digital turn“) approaches which accelerated lately through the availability of AL-based tools in architecture. It addresses the connections between design, fabrication, technology and ecological and material-related issues.

This year’s course is accompanied by a lecture series presenting different positions in the field of construction, digital design and sustainability. This year’s guest lecturers are: Dagmar Reinhardt (University of Sidney), David Stieler (ICD Stuttgart), Benjamin Kromoser (BOKU, Vienna) and Bruno Knychalla (Additive Tectonics). We will also cooperate with the Structural Origami Gathering Innsbruck and have one shared keynote lecture.


Introductory Lectures:

via OLAT: Stefan Rutzinger / Kristina Schinegger: From Geometry to Data Part 1

via OLAT: Stefan Rutzinger / Kristina Schinegger: From Geometry to Data Part 2

via OLAT: Johannes Megens: Introduction to Robotics and Fabrication-Aware Design

LIVE: Johannes Schlusche: AI in Architecture  (02.May, 14:15, Main Auditorium)

LIVE: Alexandra Moisi: AR in Architecture  (09.May, 14:15, Main Auditorium)

Guest Lectures:

Guest Speaker tba in cooperation with the Structural Origami Gathering (25.April, 18:15, Main Auditorium)

Dagmar Reinhardt, University of Sidney (16.May, 11:00 ZOOM)

David Stieler, ICD Stuttgart (23.May, 14:15, Main Auditorium)

Benjamin Kromoser, Institute of Green Civil Engineering / BOKU Vienna (30.May, 14:15, Main Auditorium)

Bruno Knychalla, Additive Tectonics (date tba, 14:15, Main Auditorium)